I am a wife, mother, daughter, friend, and creator of beautiful spaces. I love all things home-inspired, and I live for good dill pickles at any moment! Also, I swear I was organizing my books by color as a kid, before it was cool.

Hi there! I’m Marie, interior designer and
OG vibe curator.


your soul dance and your heart sing.”

“There is something special about a home that not only looks good but also makes  

I have a tendency to overuse exclamation points. But I promise I'm not overly dramatic!


I attended Bowling Green State University, earning my Bachelors in Interior Design.


More often than not, prefer mountains in the fall over sandy beach summer days


I live for a great music playlist. There is not a day that goes by that my jams aren't playing.





Relationship-building is essential to me and is the foundation which my project process’s proven success is built upon. Clients are prioritized, and their homes are treated as treasures craving to be explored and valued!

I adore the challenge of creating designs that match clients’ personalities without taking away what a home should feel like. 

Being a creative lady with some grit,

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Within 24 hours of installing this Airbnb design, this space was booked at lightning speed. There is nothing that sells a rental better than a well-designed, visually stimulating, aesthetic space.

“I posted the listing last night, and I just had someone book seven nights next week. OMG!”

after working with indigo pruitt, Andrew's rental was booked within hours

Client Success

Interior design isn't just about making rooms pretty; it's about sculpting spaces that can sprinkle a dash of pleasure into your everyday life. And believe it or not, science has our back on this one! Whether it’s creating lasting relationships with clients or designing their homes, it's truly a joy to be able to blissfully design the life (and spaces) that express the beauty of life itself. 

Something happens in our brains when we see beauty and high design. It elevates chemicals such as oxytocin, chemicals that make us healthier.

the link between wellness & interior design

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It’s true, our environments play a vital role in our well-being. So shouldn't your home be the best mood-booster after a long day? Yes, indeed!

Yes, your space is worth it!