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7 Brilliant Decorating Ideas Spotted in Designer Showhouses This Season

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"I’m that designer who treats every room like a canvas for a vibrant splash of paint, where 'subtle' is a concept as foreign as a quiet carnival."

"When selecting wall sconces for your space, consider the overall aesthetic and functionality,"

"Next year will bring about a deeper awareness of our spaces and the impact they have on our emotions and wellbeing."

"Remember to plot out the area you're illuminating before purchasing your lights. 'Take a piece of cord and string it where you'd like to hang the lights,' "

"However, Marie Cloud of Indigo Pruitt in Fort Mill, South Carolina, finds that the options at Macy’s are worth writing home about." 

“When picking pillowcases, go for natural materials like cotton or linen for comfort and breathability,”

Expert Advice from Marie:

TV Appearances

"Next year will bring about a deeper awareness of our spaces and the impact they have on our emotions and wellbeing."

“Next year will bring about a deeper awareness of our spaces and the impact they have on our emotions and wellbeing. We will see more spaces that have personality and personal ties to interests, hobbies and pleasures of its owner.”

"A consistent palette with walls and bookcases in the same color family absolutely balances and anchors a room,"

"The use of mirrors is an easy way you can disperse and scatter existing natural light into other areas within a space,"

"Just go buy a table and call it a day. Oh, and be sure to grab one that will not be out of style within a year or so!" 

“The goal should be to create a space that reflects who you are and gives you a foundation for what your style may evolve into,”

"Mid Tones and Darker tones of green work harmoniously with the neutrals, giving rooms an open, airy feeling which is 'subtle in tone, but robust in appeal.' "

“A painted black ceiling is a great way to get the conversation started if you like to throw a lot of dinner parties!”

“Hands down, my current cozy spot is a corner in my office. This corner features an oversized chair nesting perfectly under a gallery wall."

Design Wisdom

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“The best styling advice I’ve been given was to never underestimate the power of negative space within an area. The perfect balance of negative space gives breath to your design elements. Too much of it can make the space feel empty and incomplete. Too little makes it feel overcrowded and busy. I see negative space as a reset button for the next item that your eye will catch.”

The best styling advice:

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Marie Cloud, Principal of Indigo Pruitt Design Studio is sharing her journey with us today. Her firm is located in Charlotte, NC. Among numerous features, Marie has been recently been featured on TV via the local news on Spectrum News 1 and on their website showing her home and discussing the growth in business since the pandemic began.

Women’s History Month VOL II Series: Marie Cloud

Plot Twist Design Business Podcast

Marie is known for her blended-styled approach to aesthetics. For undergrad, she decided to pursue a design degree after recounting moments from her childhood. 

Meet Our Latest Women of Charlotte Doing Great Things…from Our @womenofclt Instagram

Scoop Charlotte

We caught up with the brilliant and insightful Marie Cloud a few weeks ago and have shared our conversation.

Meet Marie Cloud

Canvas Rebel

This year, Marie is featured at the Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle Southeastern Designer Showhouse & Gardens and she did not come to play! The rooms she created was out of this world! Especially if you like swanky home theaters and cozy reading areas.

Meet Principal Designer Marie Cloud Of ‘Indigo Pruitt Design Studio’

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